Opting out

I’ve been digging into some stats and several case studies/examples about Christian believers who no longer belong to denominational churches, or even to churches at all. I’m not talking about people who find that they no longer believe in Christ. I’m talking about those who believe in Christ, and some who even stake their lives and livelihoods on that faith, but are avoiding ‘organized church’ entirely. Some pretty interesting stuff.

I can’t say I identify all that much with these people. Their stories display many of the reasons I choose not to opt out. But I’ve gone through some of the things they have, so I can’t simply ignore them. I have to listen. And so do all the leaders of those who choose not to join them.

More on that later.


2 thoughts on “Opting out

  1. Ok, now that I know it works…I am one of those people! I have tried all my life to fit into church and have always felt like an outsider. When I stopped trying, God revealed to me that I am a part of His Body not because of my striving but just because that is who He made me to be. In my deepest part that is who I am. I now see myself and other believers with new eyes. We truly are united and one despite denominations and other things that seem to divide us. As God reveals the eternal, unseen realm we will begin to see what He has always seen. We truly are one…

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