Notes on local live music events

I’ve been at two local live music events this summer, with another one coming next week (the Riverhead Blues Festival). Some quick notes :

(1) You know you’re old when the people who are 10 years younger than you look old.

(2) There is a race gap in these events. Not on stage : that’s fairly well integrated. But there are usually more African-Americans on stage than in the crowd. Part of that’s #3 below. But is that all there is to it?…

(3) These events are really for guitar-based rock audiences. Sure, there’s some electric blues and soul, but that’s in guitar-rock’s roots from the start and have always been present at these festivals. But the heart of it is album rock. Understandable : their sounds 30+ years ago created most of the festivals. Yet it is an aging sound, now mostly for 35-55-year-olds. (At least one group, the Defibrillators, has fun with that.)

(4) Two main products : guitar-rock and beer. Oh – and two others : beer bellies and thick thighs.

(5) These fans do bring their kids, and there’s always the kid who’s up front below playing their toy guitar like the musician on stage. The 5-year old boy on Friday was especially into it. I expect to see his first album available for download soon.


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