Radio Show, WUSB 90.1 FM, 17 February 2008

Bob Longman Sun 12:30-1:45 pm 17 February 2008
WUSB Stony Brook NY 90.1 FM,

Ghost Radio — Pat Wictor — R
Wandering Shepherd — Dan Fogelberg
Light Years — Caroline Peyton
Walk Among the Stones — Kate Campbell
Swingin’ For Pappy — Wild Bill Moore — I
Dyna-Flow — Jack Cooley
Lady Love — Lou Rawls
Blues Boy — Phil Minnisale — L, N
Hometown – Jan Krist
I Own My Part — Jan Krist
Death Don’t Have No Mercy — Toby Walker — L
You Brought the Sunshine — Clark Sisters — R
The World Keeps You Waiting — New York Voices
Veil of Gossamer — Dave Bainbridge — R, I
Breathe — Keller Williams — N
Flip Our Wigs — the Treniers
As — Stevie Wonder

1:45 pm : Seawolves Men’s Basketball vs. Vermont

N = New L = Local R= Request I = Instrumental


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