WUSB Radio Show, Bob Longman, 04 April 2008

12:40-1:50 pm Sun, http://wusb.fm/

title — artist — album N=New Lp=vinyl I=Instrumental

Beaumont Rag — Brooks Williams — Time I Spend W. You – N
The Night Inside Me — Jackson Browne — Solo Acoustic vol. 2 – N
Don’t Ever Want To Be Without You — Pierce Pettis
Inside Of My Face — Chuck Pyle
Humble Me — Norah Jones
Things About Coming My Way — Ruth Brown — Honeydripper s.track — N
So Fine — Johnny Maestro
the Cross — Blind Boys AL
Ugly Baby — Flip Wilson
Chalice — Phil Keaggy
Last to Die — Bruce Springsteen
Undone — Devotchka — A Mad & Faithful Feeling — N
Vision — Jack’s Waterfall — — R
My Babe — Dion — Son of Skip James — N
I’m Just A Singer — Moody Blues
Drums of War — Chris Cairns — Hello Blue — N
All I Could Do Was Cry — Etta James


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