WUSB Radio, Bob Longman, 03 August 2008

08/03/08, 12:30-2:30 pm. WUSB Stony Brook NY, 90.1 FM, http://wusb.fm/

title — Artist — album N=New/Current Lp=vinyl I=Instrumental

The Pool — Daniel Amos
Hide and Seek — Return To the Dream — RTTW — N
Sound of Silence (electric mix) — Simon & Garfunkel
Grace — Brooke Annibale — the In-Between — N
The Price of Love — Everly Brothers
No Place For Me — Willie Nelson
Story Of A Broken Heart — Johnny Cash
Summer Place — Kaydi Johnson — Peasant Of the Wreck — N
If A Song Could Be President — Over the Rhine
Moon Song — Emmylou Harris — All I Intended to Be — N
Get It, Get It — Janiva Magness — What Love Will Do — N
Guava Jelly — Johnny Nash
Maidin Luan Chincise — Karan Casey — Ships In the Forest — N
New Romance — David Brighton & Promise
Freeway — Aimee Mann — Smilers — N
Hallelujah — Leonard Cohen
I Will Have My Portion — Susan Werner — Gospel Truth — N
Dream On Dreamer — Jo Williamson — Wake On the Hudson — N
I Remain — Carolann Ames — Acoustic Rainbow comp. — N
I Me Mine — the Beatles
You Were There For Me — Phil Roy w. Antje Duvekot — the Great Longing — N
Great Big World — Pierce Pettis
Homecoming — Don Latarski — Acoustic Rainbow comp. — N
Fool That I Am — the Ravens
Love Me Like You Mean It — Percy Sledge
One Day I Walk — Brooks Williams
Sweet Lorraine — Nat King Cole
Simple Gifts — Vox One

Carolann Ames shows she knows how to touch the heart.
At this early age, Brooke Annibale’s got a sense of where her music’s going.
Susan Werner, with less of the bitters, shines on this one.


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