Getting My Priorities Right

It’s a new year, but I’m facing the same old problem.

I’m not writing.

I want to.  I feel like I’m about to burst to do so. I’ve made a commitment to do so.  But the only stuff that comes out is blog comments, captions, and quick jokes in Facebook comments.

What’s happening here?  Sleepiness.  Diabetes.  Still missing that little piece of the puzzle so I can be confident I know I’m saying something worth saying. Mostly, though, it’s from my other main commitment: to spend more time with people instead of sealed away in my apartment or alone in a sound production room. There are a lot of people I care a lot about, but I’ve never been good at caring in a way that really matters to them. I’m doing better at it, but I still feel like I’m playing baseball with one arm in a sling.  And that takes up a lot more of my time than it used to.

Which means I’m left with the weakest of all possible blog posts: writing a blog post about not writing blog posts.  Which may not be helpful or pleasant to you.  But the only way to start writing is to write.  So I start, trusting that more will come.


OK, now it's your turn to communicate.

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