Gallows Humor on Spiritual Gifts

( as found in Cybersalt, )

During the French Revolution, there were three Christians who were sentenced to die by the guillotine. One Christian had the gift of faith, the other had the gift of prophecy, the other had the gift of helps.

The Christian with the gift of faith was to be executed first. He was asked if he wanted to wear a hood over his head. He declined and said he was not afraid to die. “I have faith that God will deliver me!” he shouted bravely. His head was positioned under the guillotine, with his neck on the chopping block. He looked up at the sharp blade, said a short prayer and waited confidently. The rope was pulled, but nothing happened.

His executioners were amazed and, believing that this must have been an act of God, they freed the man.

The Christian with the gift of prophecy was next. His head was positioned under the guillotine blade and he too was asked if he wanted the hood. “No,” he said, “I am not afraid to die. However, I predict that God will deliver me from this guillotine!” At that, the rope was pulled and again, nothing happened. Once, again the puzzled executioners assumed this must be a miracle of God, and they freed the man.

The third Christian, with the gift of helps, was next. He was brought to the guillotine and likewise asked if he wanted to wear a hood. “No,” he said, “I’m just as brave as those other two guys.” The executioners then positioned him face up under the guillotine and were about to pull the rope when the man stopped them. “Hey wait a minute,” he said. “I think I just found the problem with your guillotine.”


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